Turkish Mercantile Exchange Electronic Warehouse Receipt Market (TMEX EWRM) is celebrating its third year.


During the three-year period, the trading value of EWR has increased by seven times.

Launched on July 26, 2019, Turkish Mercantile Exchange Electronic Warehouse Receipt Market (EWRM) has achieved significant successes in its third year of operation, bringing agricultural producers and consumers together on a centralized platform to support the stable growth of the agriculture sector and the economy. With the inaguration of TMEX EWRM, buyers and sellers from all over the country were able to transparently and securely trade Electronic Warehouse Receipt on a single national electronic platform.

In its third year of operation, the number of registered investors on the EWRM, including farmers, traders, and industrialists, has increased by over three times, reaching 135,000, and the licensed storage capacity for products traded volume on TMEX has increased by over two times, reaching 8.4 million tons. As of July 2022, the number of licensed warehouses has risen to 159, providing services in 41 provinces, 121 districts, and 225 locations.

Turkish Grain Board is also actively conducting EWR trading through TMEX for strategic products within its jurisdiction, carrying out transactions in both  trade report and multiple price – continuous auction trade types. During TMEX’s three-year operating period, the trading value exceeded 55 billion Turkish Lira, and the trading volume exceeded 20 million tons, with the majority of transactions being conducted by the private sector. Trading took place in all 17 EWR products listed for trading on TMEX.

Investor registrations for TMEX EWR Trading Platform are processed through 112 Commodity Exchanges acting as agents. EWR transactions are settled through Takasbank, the central clearing house and  the Central Securities Depository and Trade Repository of Türkiye, coordinated with 25 banks and brokerage firms.

TMEX R&D Center, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology as of March 23, 2021, continues its work on the AI supported Surveillance Project for market oversight and the Agricultural Disclosure and Transparency Platform Project, aiming to enhance transparency in the agricultural sector and address data needs. Additionally, the TMEX R&D Center is also responsible for implementing the Technological Transformation Project for TMEX’s market infrastructure.

About TMEX

Established in June 2018, TMEX engages in exchange activities facilitating trading of electronic warehouse receipts issued by licensed warehouses and futures contracts with an underlying of electronic warehouse receipts. TMEX collaborates with key stakeholders including the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, the Turkish Ministry of Trade, the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and other partners. Its collaborative efforts extend to various areas such as the digitization of the food supply chain from farm to fork, the widespread use of electronic warehouse receipts, the development of contract farming and the promotion of licensed warehousing.