2021 Annual Bulletin

Bulletin on Turkish Mercantile Exchange Electronic Warehouse Receipt Market for 2021

33 billions Turkish Liras trading value has been recorded since the Market commenced operation.

Commenced operation by Turkish Mercantile Exchange (TMEX) on 26 July 2019, Electronic Warehouse Receipt (EWR) Market has generated 6,7 million tons traded volume and 18,5 billion Turkish Liras traded value by over 152 thousand trades in 2021. Thereby, TMEX had reached , 16,3 million tons traded volume and 33 billion Turkish Liras traded value over 351 thousand trades with  over 106 thousand registered investors since it commenced operation

EWR is a electronic receipt that represents agricultural commodities stored in licensed warehouses. EWR trades take place only at TMEX. Mostly grain commodities like barley, wheat and corn are traded at TMEX EWR Market. Alongside those commodities, 17 other commodities as pistachio, legume, hazelnut, dry apricot, cotton, olive, oilseed are also traded.

Licensed warehouses, where the commodities stored represented by EWRs, are the key elements of commodity exchanges. 156 Licensed Warehouses serve , with 8,3 million tons storage capacity,  in 41 provinces, 125 counties and 223 different locations. The storage capacity of licenced warehouses had exceeded twice as much in 2,5 years from 4 million tons when TMEX first started operation.. Licensed warehouses have reached the storage capacity of nearly %25 of grain harvest of Türkiye. In other words, TMEX has reached the potential of hosting the trade of %25 of  the country’s grain production.

 The data dissemination of “TMEX Agricultural Commodity Indices pulse of the Agriculture, compass of the farmer and the investor” started  on 14 July 2021

TMEX Agricultural Commodity Indices keeps the pulse of the agricultural sector.  With the beginning of the publication of barley, wheat, corn and grain price indices on 14 July 2021, main direction of agricultural commodity oriented markets of Türkiye can be monitored. Indices, representing the broadest and the most accurate opportunities that occur in agricultural commodities for stakeholders engaged in agricultural operations, also filled the absence of an indicator and comparison benchmark for monitoring the relations between world agricultural commodity markets. Indices can be monitored on TMEX website via Matriks and Foreks data terminals.

For financialization of agricultural sector and its accessing to financing alternatives TMEX R&D center offers inclusive and innovative solutions

TMEX Agricultural Commodity Indicies won the first prize in “The Future of Industrial Ecosystem” at IDC DX Summit 2021 among 75 institutions and 187 projects. This prize has been encouraging for concerning the new projects that contribute the digital transformation of the ecosystem of agriculture Our index project, refining the data set that prospers day by day,  became the basis for the new indicators and comparision benchmark

By means of the experience that is acquired by Agricultural Commodity Indices project and  contracted agriculture solution that integrates advance payment collection, TMEX was approved as TMEX R&D Center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

TMEX R&D Center, which is located in Information Technologies Unit within TMEX, aims to enhance the efficiency and productivity of agricultural sector, to provide inclusive and innovative solutions for the ecosystem of agricultural commodity Exchange business, to work for commercialisation of these solutions and to provide an opportunity for the employment of qualified human resources.


Graphic 1.  2021 EWR Market Statistics

Source: TMEX

Graphic 2. Number of Investor with EWR Holdings

Source: TMEX

Graphic 3. Capacity of Licensed Warehouse (31.12.2021, thousand tons)

Source: TGB, Ministry of Trade

Graphic 4. Number of Investors Registered in TMEX

Source: TMEX

Graphic 5. EWR Market Traded Value Based on Commodities

Source: TMEX

Table 1. EWR Market Trading Informations Based on Commodity in 2021

Source: TMEX

Table 2. The Evaluation of Traded Value of EWR Market Between 2019-2021 (TL)

(*) TMEX EWR Market commenced operations on 26.07.2019. The numbers used until 26.07.2019 had been taken from Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank Inc. (Takasbank) trade data.

Source: TMEX

Table 3. EWR Market WHEAT EWR Trade Information 2021

Source: TMEX

Table 4. EWR Market CORN EWR Trade Information 2021

Source: TMEX

Table 5. EWR Market BARLEY EWR Trade Information 2021

Source: TMEX

Table 6. TMEX Agricultural Commodity Indices

(Price percentage recorded according to 31.12.202 by the date 31.12.2021)

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Founded in June 2018, TÜRİB is engaged in exchange operations for trading of electronic warehouse receipts and of futures contracts on electronic warehouse receipts issued by licensed warehouse operators.

TÜRİB is working in collaboration with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), T.R. Ministry of Trade, T.R. Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, T.R. Ministry of Treasure and Finance and other stakeholders in such fields and for such purposes as digitalization of food supply chain from field to fork, popularization and generalization of EWRs, development of contracted agriculture, and licensed warehouse operations.