How does the TMEX Trading Platform work ?

Agricultural commodities represented by EWRs are traded in the Turkish Mercantile Exchange. Trades at TMEX are carried out through TMEX Trading Platform. TMEX Trading Platform brings together buyers and sellers who want to buy and sell agricultural commodities. Buying, selling orders and trade report entries can be made on the Trading Platform, as well as canceling previously placed orders if they have not been turned into trades yet.

Buy and sell orders on TMEX Trading Platform are processed on order books online and real-time and are matched according to price and time priority within the framework of the market rules. EWR and cash balance checks, trades recording, and necessary blocking operations are carried out with the assurance of banks, intermediary institutions, and Central Securities Depository at the time of order transmission.
Following TMEX’s transmission of the report of the session’s trades, Takasbank and the Central Securities Depository settle the money and EWR .

The TMEX Trading Platform also has capabilities that enable the breakdown of investor trades and the publishing of TMEX market pricing information for both the current session and the previous .
Turkish Grain Board (TGB) is one of the most important players of the TMEX Trading Platform. Our farmers can sell their agricultural products to TGB through TMEX Trading Platform and at the prices determined by TGB, or they can also buy agricultural products supplied by TGB on the Trading Platform.

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