About Us

TMEX was established on June 8, 2018, following a Council of Ministers decree (no. 2017/9986) published in the Official Gazette on April 6, 2017, proposed by the Ministry of Trade and the Capital Markets Board. TMEX operates in compliance with the Turkish Commercial Code no. 6102, the Law on The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey no. 5174, the Agricultural Products Licenced Warehousing Law no. 5300, and other relevant laws and regulations.

The primary purpose and activity of TMEX is to engage in exchange activities to facilitate the trading of Electronic Warehouse Receipts (EWR) that have been issued by licensed warehouse enterprises with the provisions of Law no. 5300 and other applicable laws and relevant regulations, as well as futures contracts with an underlying of these EWRs.

TMEX is a legal entiy under private law.


TMEX’s mission is to contribute the steady growth of both the domestic economy and the agricultural sector by establishing a highly efficient international electronic platform. This platform will facilitate trading activities for agricultural producers and consumers, ensuring transactions occur at efficient, appropriate and accurate prices.


The vision of TMEX is to evolve into an integrated trading platform with the international system, bringing together agricultural stakeholders for establishing an efficient and effective market formation.

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Products are raised in soil and gain value at Turkish Mercantile Exchange