Incentives for EWRs

Farmers receive government incentives in the form of transportation, analysis and rent, and various tax exemptions  by storing their products in licensed warehouses and connecting them to EWR

Rental Support, Transportation Support, and Analysis Support


Rental Fee (TL/Ton/ Month)

Transportation Fee (TL/Ton)

Upper Limit for Transportation Support (TL/Ton)

Analysis Fee (TL/Analysis)
Wheat, Barley, Oat, Rye, Corn, Paddy, Rice6253025
Lentil, Chickpea, Beans, Soybean8253025
Sunflower Seed10253025
Dried Apricot, Raisin301007,550
Olive, Olive Oil15253015

Tax Exemption

Income from the sale of agricultural products stored in licensed warehouses are exempt from income tax (including income from agricultural activities) and corporate tax until the end of 2028. In addition, related trades are exempted from stamp duty and VAT.

Interest Free Loan Incentive

Ziraat Bank and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives can provide interest-free loans with a maximum maturity of 9 months, up to 75% of the EWR value issued by licensed warehouses.

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