TMEX Becomes an R&D Centre


“TMEX R&D Centre” application of Turkish Mercantile Exchange is approved by T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Turkish Mercantile Exchange (TMEX) has taken a further significant step in tandem with its mission and vision aiming at effective exchange services of international standards. Thanks to its technological infrastructure and software architecture works, TMEX received an R&D Centre approval from T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology.

TMEX has, on January 18, 2021, filed an application to T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology for an “R&D Centre” certificate within the frame of the “Law on Supporting Research, Development and Designing Activities” no. 5746 dated 28/02/2008.

R&D Centre application has been discussed and resolved in a meeting organized by T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology on March 23, 2021, and TMEX has become an R&D Centre.

R&D Centre and Incentives

R&D Centres are units with adequate R&D know-how and skills, which carry out research, development and innovation projects, and are organized as a separate department within the overall organization structure, and are exclusively engaged in research and development activities at home, and are manned by at least fifteen full-time equivalent R&D personnel.

R&D Centres are granted some tax exemptions and incentives on the basis of projects carried out and of personnel assigned for these projects.

TMEX R&D Centre

As of March 23, 2021, TMEX R&D Centre, comprising of 6 projects and manned by 26 personnel in an area of 382 square meters within the Information Technologies Department of Turkish Mercantile Exchange, is approved by T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology.

TMEX R&D Centre intends to produce innovative and high technology commodities in finance and software technologies fields, thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of agricultural sector, and to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions for problems of agricultural exchange ecosystem, and to endeavour for commercialization of them, and to allow employment of highly qualified human resources.

TMEX will develop academic cooperation initiatives and file applications to national and international funds for R&D based projects in line with the scope of its ongoing projects conducted as an R&D Centre.

TMEX, as FinTech Centre of agricultural sector, aims to be an R&D analysed for its stakeholders, and to build a joint informatics field for Agriculture 4.0 and digital transformation purposes. By means of supports and incentives offered as an R&D Centre, TMEX is going to contribute both to agricultural mercantile exchange and to R&D ecosystem of our country.

About TMEX

Founded in June 2018, TMEX is engaged in exchange operations for trading of electronic warehouse receipts and of futures contracts on electronic warehouse receipts issued by licensed warehouse operators.

TMEX is working in collaboration with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), T.R. Ministry of Trade, T.R. Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, T.R. Ministry of Treasure and Finance and other stakeholders in such fields and for such purposes as digitalization of food supply chain from field to fork, popularization and generalization of EWRs, development of contracted agriculture, and licensed warehouse operations.