Turkish Mercantile Exchange Electronic Warehouse Receipt Market 2021 Annual Assessment


Since the Market is activated, a total trading volume of 33 Billion TL is reached.

In the Electronic Warehouse Receipt (EWR) Market put into service by Turkish Mercantile Exchange ( TMEX ) on 26 July 2019, a total trading volume of 6.7 million tons and 18.5 billion TL is recorded in more than 152 thousand trades in the year 2021. Thus, since the Market is activated,  TMEX  reached a total trading volume of 16.3 million tons and 33 billion TL in more than 351 thousand trades with registered investors of more than 111 thousands.

EWR is an electronic certificate issued to represent agricultural commodities which may be stored in licensed warehouses for a long time. EWRs representing agricultural bommodities may be traded only in  TMEX . Basically such grains as barley, wheat and corn are traded in  TMEX  EWR Market. In addition, 18 different commodities like pistachio, legumes, hazelnut, dried apricot, cotton, olive and oilseeds are also traded therein.

Licensed warehouses where agricultural commodities represented by EWRs are stored are one of the foundations of mercantile exchange business. At present, 156 licensed warehouses are in service with a storage capacity of 8.3 million tons in 41 provinces, 125 townships and 223 locations. Storage capacity which was only 4 million tons when  TMEX  started its operations has thus exceeded its 2 folds in 2.5 years. Licensed warehouses have reached a capacity to store 25% of crop of grains in Turkey. To put it in other words,  TMEX  has acquired a potential to host the change of hands of 25% of total cereals production of our country.

“TMEX Agricultural Commodity Indices” data broadcasting, pulse of agriculture and compass of farmers and investors, is started on 14 July 2021.

TMEX  Agricultural Commodity Indices are feeling the pulse of sector. Through barley, wheat, corn and grains price indices started to be published on 14 July 2021, the main directions of markets of agricultural commodities can be tracked in Turkey. Indices do not only represent in the widest and most correct way the opportunities emerging in agricultural commodities for stakeholders engaged in agricultural activities, but also have so far made up for the lack of benchmarks and indicators usable for monitoring the relations among the global agricultural commodity markets. Indices can be tracked via  TMEX  internet site by means of Matrix and Forex data distribution terminals.

TMEX  Agricultural  Commodity Indices are awarded the first prize in “Future of Industrial Ecosystem” branch in IDC DX 2021 Summit participated by 75 organisations and 187 projects. This prize has been an important incentive for our Exchange in respect of new projects aiming to contribute to digital transformation of agricultural ecosystem. Our index project has also built a foundation for new benchmarks and indicators by further refining our data set prospering day by day.

TMEX  R&D Centre is offering comprehensive and innovative solutions for financialization of agriculture sector and for its access to finances.

After commissioning of EWR Market, thanks to its experiences gained from its contracted agriculture solution project integrating advance collections and its Agricultural Commodity Indices project,  TMEX  is approved as  TMEX  R&D Centre by Ministry of Industry and Technology on 23 March 2021.

TMEX  R&D Centre, contained in the Information Technologies Unit within  TMEX , aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of agriculture sector, to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions for problems of agricultural exchange ecosystem, to strive for their commercialization, and to pave the way for employment of highly qualified human resources.

About TMEX

Founded in June 2018, TMEX is engaged in exchange operations for trading of electronic warehouse receipts and of futures contracts on electronic warehouse receipts issued by licensed warehouse operators.

TMEX is working in collaboration with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), T.R. Ministry of Trade, T.R. Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, T.R. Ministry of Treasure and Finance and other stakeholders in such fields and for such purposes as digitalization of food supply chain from field to fork, popularization and generalization of EWRs, development of contracted agriculture, and licensed warehouse operations.